About Us

Aloha Kakou,

Hilo Homegrown is a 24 acre organic family run farm dedicated to growing and providing the best produce to Hawai’i.  Our primary crops are Coffee, White Pineapple, Apple Banana, Citrus, Tomatoes, Salad and Micro Greens, and a variety of other Heirloom vegetables.  We practice organic farming methods that adhere to USDA NOP standards and go beyond by utilizing traditional farming techniques like:

  • Low and No Till Planting Methods (this helps to minimize erosion and water contamination)
  • On Farm Composting (we collect and compost organic fruits and vegetables)
  • Hand Weeding & Mulching (Absolutely No Herbicides or Pesticides)
  • Infield Vermicompost and Foliar Teas
  • 100% All Natural Inputs

While all these methods take more time and care we believe that our produce quality speaks for itself with outstanding taste and nutrition.


Kalewa and Kaleo Correa