Kaiwiki Organic Farms is now Hilo Homegrown

After talking with our family, friends and customers, we have decided to transition from Kaiwiki Organic Farms to the name Hilo Homegrown.  We feel that it best represents our small scale, grassroots approach to organic farming, community outreach and education.


the Farm Team

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Great Start for Our Second Season

Our second season of pineapple officially started yesterday with our first Farmers Market of the year.  This time we decided to start the year off with something new by choosing to try the Homestead Farmers Market in Waimea.  And what a great decision that was!  The customers as well as the other vendors were all very nice and supportive, making the whole experience  entirely enjoyable.  And as an added bonus, we sold all the pineapple we’d brought!

We’re very much looking forward to next weekend!

And for those of you in Hilo, we’ll be at the downtown market very soon!